$15 a month will give one person a warm place to sleep for an entire month

Buy an FSS Tshirt or hoodie – all profits go straight to sheltering and housing our Flagstaff neighbors

$2500 will ensure a Flagstaff family has the support they need to move in and stay in their new home permanently

Week’s worth of trashbags for the shelter

$200 a month covers the costs of full-spectrum housing services, vocational training and the security deposit needed to enable PERMANENT housing for a Flagstaff neighbor

$1500 covers the cost outright of the rental security deposit for a family of 4 to move into a permanent home

$100 a month helps a Flagstaff family cover the security deposit for their new home

Weeks’s supply of toilet paper for the shelter

$25 a month gives one family a safe and healthy place for a week during the pandemic – with toiletries, food and a place to regroup as we work to find them permanent housing

$100 Covers a tank of gas for the FSS bus (used to help transport medically vulnerable clients and move families into their new homes)