Donate Money To FSS

Since 2006, Flagstaff Shelter Services has served as the first line of defense for the most vulnerable citizens in our community. We believe everyone deserves a safe place to live and the opportunity to live their lives with dignity.

More than 700 people in Coconino County are experiencing homelessness today. When the temperatures drop, many are in danger of losing their lives for a lack of shelter. 

Your donation ensures that our neighbors in crisis have a safe place to sleep, nutritious meals, access to critical services and a support system that will ultimately empower them to break the cycle of homelessness. 

Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program (also known as the Working Poor Tax Credit), a $421 donation to an eligible charity like Flagstaff Shelter Services can be credited back, dollar for dollar the following year. Send a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly contribution of $35 to help end homelessness now.

Contact us if you want to learn about how to leave a legacy gift to Flagstaff Shelter Services.

Your impact

Flagstaff Shelter Services provides lifesaving shelter and services to more than 2,000 people in crisis every year. While we are the largest shelter in Northern Arizona, our mission doesn’t stop there. We are committed to ending homelessness in Flagstaff for good. 

Thanks to the support of community partners and donors like you, we have successfully moved hundreds of out of homelessness permanently since 2015.

We housed 400 adults and children in 2019 alone.

Give and get it ALL back through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Did you know that when you donate to qualifying charitable organizations like Flagstaff Shelter Services and get it all back next year?  That’s right. You can give and get it all back, dollar for dollar, up to $421 (up to $841 for married couples filing jointly) the following year. 

Simply enter the Flagstaff Shelter Services code 20067 with your donation amount when you file your tax return. Find out more about how the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit works. 

Better together

Small acts of kindness can make big things happen. Check out some simple things you can do that will get us one step closer to eliminating homelessness in Flagstaff.