Flagstaff Shelter Services is the largest emergency shelter in Northern Arizona. Our doors are open to all in crisis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide overnight shelter for all individuals experiencing homelessness regardless of faith, sobriety, or mental health so long as they do not present an immediate threat of harm to our staff or clients.  

Thanks to the shelter expansion in 2019, our facility can provide shelter and services to 250 people on-site. 

Each client is assigned a case manager who will assist in finding a permanent housing solution. In the meantime, clients can get a hot shower, use the phone and internet, find clean clothes and rely on a safe place to spend the night. Our partnership with the Flagstaff Family Food Center allows us to provide each client with two full meals, as well as snacks and beverages, every day of the week. 

Healthcare services, counseling support, and resources for domestic violence, substance abuse, debt management and more are also included in our programming.

Every year at Flagstaff Shelter Services:

Meals are served on-site through Flagstaff Family Food Center
People receive shelter, food and other life-saving services
On-site health clinic visits are conducted through North Country Health Care
Beds are provided to people in crisis
New households find stability
Counseling services are made available

Day resource center

Between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm, the shelter serves as a resource center for anyone experiencing homelessness. All are welcome to make use of our facilities and services which include:

  • Mail and home address service
  • Local and long-distance telephone
  • Meals and snacks provided by Flagstaff Family Food Center
  • Shower services, hygiene supplies, and new clothing
  • Vocational services
  • Access to the North Country Healthcare Mobile Unit and a Nurse Practitioner
  • Housing focused case managements
  • Counseling support for domestic violence, substance abuse, debt management, and veteran services
Emergency Shelter Flagstaff

Health clinic

Our free health clinic is open four days a week. This is the only health care available to many of our clients. The clinic provides an opportunity for clients to consult with a registered nurse, nursing students and nursing professor from Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University in order to receive information, prescriptions, and treatment. This service deters clients from making costly and draining visits to the Emergency Room. We are pleased to host the North Country Health Care mobile bus weekly to assist in the medical needs of the men and women we serve.

Emergency Shelter Flagstaff

“They go beyond the band-aid.”

Carol Dykes, United Way

Better together

Small acts of kindness can make big things happen. Check out some simple things you can do that will get us one step closer to eliminating homelessness in Flagstaff.