Housing as Healthcare

The collective understanding of service providers in Northern Arizona is that housing is healthcare. 

That’s why Flagstaff Shelter Services has teamed up with North Country Healthcare, The Guidance Center and Southwest Behavioral & Health Services to create the Integrated Housing-First Program, which will place housing services at the forefront and concurrently and equally address the physical and behavioral health needs of households experiencing a housing crisis. 

Through this new, innovative program, housing-focused Care Teams (comprised of a Housing Case Manager, a primary care provider, and a behavioral health provider) will work in coordination to improve access to care and ensure the seamless delivery of comprehensive services. 

When a client establishes housing stability and their acute physical and behavioral health needs are met, other factors like economic and educational opportunities will also be addressed.

Placement Goal

In 2023, this exciting program aims to positively impact 500 unduplicated residents of Northern Arizona

Setting them on the path to a healthy, stable and productive future.

Better together

Small acts of kindness can make big things happen. Check out some simple things you can do that will get us one step closer to eliminating homelessness in Flagstaff.