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Thanks to the Arizona Tax Credit, you can give up to $400 of your contribution to a qualifying charitable organization, like Flagstaff Shelter Services, and get it all back next year.

Flagstaff Shelter Services Needs You Now

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know a little bit about our mission to end homelessness in Flagstaff.

And while we’re still passionate about moving people out of homelessness, right now, we’re all just trying to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and this uncertain social and economic climate.

You see, we’re the last stop. We’re the end of the road for many, who for one reason or another, have no where to go. We turn no one away, regardless of faith, mental health, sobriety – or COVID-19.

It hasn’t been easy. Since COVID-19 we have moved all individuals out of our congregate shelter into separate rooms in three different hotels. This means that we now staff and oversee the workings of four different locations (including our primary shelter) 24/7. Every one of these locations is at full capacity all day, every day, helping those without a home, shelter-in-place.

We’re practicing social distancing here, which is a challenge within itself.
Our clients are among the most vulnerable in the region, and highly susceptible to the virus that is spreading. So, as reports of COVID-19 cases rise in Flagstaff and all over Arizona, we know that it is ever-more essential to continue to provide non-congregate emergency shelter.

We’re screening everyone who comes to us and have found a safe place for COVID-19 positive patients to recover and receive tele-health medical visits.

We’re doing everything we can to keep our clients – and the rest of the community – safe from the pandemic’s reach. Thanks to this approach, and as is evident through consistent COVID testing, since moving our clients out of congregate shelter, we have seen a dramatic decrease in positive cases in those who are staying with us- the latest testing came back with ZERO positives. So we know that it is working.

It’s not perfect. It has been as hard and as terrifying as you might imagine. But we don’t give up. We don’t know how.

What we do know is that we can’t go on like this forever. While the hotels are the only real way to keep our staff, clients and community safe, the costs associated are enormous, and we’re low on reserves. We were hoping to replenish our operations funding with our Feast for Flagstaff fundraiser back in May, but like every event on the books, it was postponed.

We’re calling for a lifeline, Flagstaff. If you’ve thought about how you can help your neighbors get through this, we need you now more than ever. This is our new normal, and we will keep fighting for these neighbors, we just need your help.