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When the shelter is full – The Arizona Daily Sun

Sal, 56, is experiencing homelessness in Flagstaff. He calls it “in transition.” He suffers from a mental illness he terms “hyper mania” and he struggles to stay away from the booze. He plans to start taking the drug Antabuse soon to stop drinking. Sal’s last name isn’t being used to protect his identity. He’s training to become a tax preparer, he said, and he needs to study for the exam. He currently stays at Flagstaff Shelter Services, but the shelter, which houses 86 people — 77 men and nine women — fills to capacity every night now that the weather has turned cold. Read more from Arizona Daily Sun.

Flagstaff shelter goes to year-round overnight service – The Arizona Daily Sun

Since it began in 2007, Flagstaff Shelter Services has offered overnight services only during the coldest months of the year, mainly October through April, with some exceptions. This year, with the hiring of a new executive director in August, the shelter will now remain open year-round. “We had to say it’s happening and believe in ourselves,” said Ross Altenbaugh, executive director of Flagstaff Shelter Services. “The community needs this service.” Altenbaugh took over the reins in late August when the shelter was scheduled to close for the season. Read more from Arizona Sun Daily.