Two local music artists donating proceeds of new tracks to FSS

Two local artists, Tow’rs and duo Jasper Komassa and Donivan Berube have generously agreed to donate all proceeds of their recordings, a song “Tangerine Skies” and “Robert Sims” (an ambient spoken word track featuring a shelter client) to Flagstaff Shelter Services following their visit to our shelter.

Tow’rs had this to say about their experience:

“We had the privilege of going and hanging with some of the people there and wrote this song from our experience,” said the band members. “It is only available for a limited time. Residing in one’s self may be one of the most difficult parts of being human. You see this in a transparent way at the homeless shelter. We wanted to write a benediction over one person we met there in particular named Alice who seemed to have a hard time dwelling in her own skin. We used the analogy of gardening in this song because people are like gardens. We have seasons within us and sometimes we have to die to those seasons and people we were to become something better and more full. Like winter into spring. I hope for Alice that the very things she doesn’t like about herself and her life can be there very seed to catalyst a spring so to speak of a new outlook of herself and who she is.”

Listen to the track “Tangerine Skies” and download it here; listen to “Robert Sims” and download it here.