Thank You For Attending Feast for Flagstaff 2016!

Thank you to everyone who attended Feast for Flagstaff 2016. Your donation helps support the vital services we provide to those experiencing homelessness in the Flagstaff area each and every day–people like those below, whose stories we’d like to share with you.


 I was in a coma for 4 1/2 months after being left for dead. It has been a long hard journey to recovery. I want to get my masters degree and help those with mental illness and addiction problems, like many of those that you see here. The shelter has given me a place to stay while I work on accomplishing these dreams.


 I slept on the ground last night. This is my first experience being homeless. Someone brought me here at 4 in the morning and they let me stay the rest of the night. It was snowing. I want to let the staff know that they are the best people in the world. Without them I would have no place to stay, no where to be.


 My I lost my job because my ex-boyfriend was stalking and harassing me at work. I never thought that I would be in this situation, but here I am. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t here. I want to thank everyone here for welcoming me in.


 I first became homeless when my parents died. I have been battling an addiction problem since. I don’t have any family that I can go to. Here at the shelter, it is like family. Out there we are nobody, but in here we are somebody. The shelter allows us to be someone.


 The shelter and the staff have the power to change people’s lives. You can sleep well here and you can take a shower and have hygiene. This builds confidence so that you can go out and strive for life.


 In the same year I lost my job and got a divorce. Red wine was my vice and soon I had lost everything. I have been working during the days while staying there. The shelter is comfortable and is allowing me to get my feet back under me while I work to get back out into my own place.