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As we are now open year-round, our resources are stretched more than ever before.  Your gift will directly help our clients – whether you donate goods, money, or time.  See below for more details on how you can get involved.

  • Financial Donations (click to expand)

    Your financial donation will be used to provide resources as needed to our clients.  This can include building costs (e.g. utilities, maintenance), food, warm clothing, hygiene products, and more.  To make a donation via paypal (i.e. via credit card or bank transfer), just click the donate button below.  We also accept donations in the form of stock – contact Ross Altenbaugh, Executive Director, for this option at

    A donation to FSS qualifies you for the Charitable Contribution Tax Credit (formerly known as the Working Poor Tax Credit).  Donate (up to $400 for an individual, or up to $800 for a family) before December 31st to take advantage of the tax credit this year! Make a dollar for dollar tax credit donation. Remember, for every $1 you donate to Flagstaff Shelter Services, you get $1 back – reducing your state taxes or increasing your refund. Learn more here.

    DONATE NOW    
  • Items We Need (click to expand)

    No matter what you are able to donate, it will make a positive difference in someone’s life.  Donations can be dropped off between the hours of 9-3PM without appointment.  If you would like to drop off a donation at another time please contact us at

    Want to purchase something we need directly? Check out our Amazon Wishlist!

    Some of our ongoing needs include but are not limited to:

    • Housing Program Needs
      • Furniture – Mattresses, Bed Frames,  Dining room, Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen
      • Lamps and Light bulbs
      • Household supplies –Dishes, Cookware, Cups, Utensils, Shower curtain, towels, etc.
      • “Welcome Home Baskets” – any combination of items you might need to start your home
      • Cleaning Products and Trash Bags

      Shelter Program Needs

      • Cleaning chemicals:  bleach, Lysol, Clorox wipes, etc.
      • Paper towels
      • Toilet paper
      • Black Trash bags (33 gallon)
      • Dish soap and Laundry detergent
      • Plungers and Toilet cleaning brushes
      • Brooms and dustpans
      • Mops and buckets
      • Twin waterproof mattress covers with zippers
      • Blankets and Sheets (any size), Pillows, Towels and Washcloths
      • Plastic/paper cups, plates, and utensils
      • Cold weather clothing:  socks, gloves, hats, scarves
      • Hygiene supplies:  toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, razors, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, shampoo, soap, etc.
      • Other possible needs:  extension cords, flashlight, masking tape/duct tape, cough drops, other medical supplies (cough medicine, ibuprofen, band-aids, antacid, cough drops, etc.)



There are always ways for individuals or groups to get involved with FSS, such as organizing a donation drive, volunteering at special events, helping with shelter clean up, and participating in other group work.

In addition to our shelter, we also operate an overflow shelter in partnership with the faith-based community in the winter months known as Sanctuary.  This additional shelter allows FSS to serve even more of Northern Arizona’s most vulnerable neighbors, and we’re always seeking volunteers to help with associated needs at this location.

If you would like to learn more about the volunteering opportunities for you or your group please contact

Download Music

Two local artists, Tow’rs and duo Jasper Komassa and Donivan Berube have generously agreed to donate all proceeds of their recordings, a song “Tangerine Skies” and “Robert Sims” (an ambient spoken word track featuring a shelter client) to Flagstaff Shelter Services following their visit to our shelter.

Tow’rs had this to say about their experience:

“We had the privilege of going and hanging with some of the people there and wrote this song from our experience,” said the band members. “It is only available for a limited time. Residing in one’s self may be one of the most difficult parts of being human. You see this in a transparent way at the homeless shelter. We wanted to write a benediction over one person we met there in particular named Alice who seemed to have a hard time dwelling in her own skin. We used the analogy of gardening in this song because people are like gardens. We have seasons within us and sometimes we have to die to those seasons and people we were to become something better and more full. Like winter into spring. I hope for Alice that the very things she doesn’t like about herself and her life can be there very seed to catalyst a spring so to speak of a new outlook of herself and who she is.”

Listen to the track “Tangerine Skies” and download it here; listen to “Robert Sims” and download it here.

Work With Us

FSS has several open positions at this time. Please see below for a full description and qualifications for these positions.

To apply for a position please email us your resume and cover letter to No phone calls please. FSS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Current Open Positions (click title to expand):

  • Housing Case Manager

    Supervised by: Program Director

    General Description: Performs case work duties and does related work as required that supports the mission of FSS. Bachelor’s degree is preferred for the Housing Case Manager position.  Relevant experience working with people experiencing homelessness is mandatory.  A Masters in Social Work or related field a plus. This is a Full Time Exempt position and salary is based on experience and education.  FSS is an EOE.

    Specific Responsibilities:

    • Conduct Housing Barrier Assessment and Intake with clients once referred from coordinated assessment or walk ins. Input and maintain client information in Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and ensures reporting requirement are accurate.
    • Meets regularly with clients to implement housing plan, stabilize clients own home and then develop life plan goals.  Encourage progress towards these goals by developing budget, employability, family supports and counseling, and other community resource referral as quickly as possible.
    • Maintains relationships with landlords and community resources to connect clients with housing opportunity.
    • Works cooperatively with support staff to gather ongoing verification from clients (i.e. schedules, income verification)
    • Performs crisis intervention and counseling as needed.
    • Responsible for programming for community clients and sheltered clients.
    • Participates in rotating on-call evening and weekend schedule with other Housing Case Managers and Program Director.
    • Represents FSS in the community as needed.
    • Keep up to date on best practices and research trends for providing long-term solutions for homeless individuals and families and implement in programs as appropriate and feasible
    • Performs related work as assigned by the Program Director and Executive Director.
    • Participate in monthly staff meetings as appropriate.
  • Shelter Coordinator

    The Coordinator at Flagstaff Shelter Services has a responsibility to meet the basic needs of those clients staying at the shelter. These obligations include the following:

    • Provide a safe environment;
    • Promote fair and consistent treatment;
    • Maintain a clean and healthy building;
    • Create a professional environment free from racism, sexual harassment, prejudice, and other offensive behavior;
    • Establish “professional only” relationships with clients.

    Coordinators are responsible for the following objectives:

    Team Leadership: By effectively guiding, educating, delegating, and communicating with assistants, coordinators will provide a positive environment and needed tools for assistants to be effective at their jobs;

    Public Interaction: Coordinators will interact with outside resources, partners, and the public from time to time.  All interaction with these groups will be professional, keeping the best interests of the shelter in mind.

    Service: Coordinators will provide quality service and supportive interaction to all clients in a compassionate and professional manner.

    Efficiency:  Workflow, and upholding Standards:  Coordinators will ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are followed and all documentation is completed. Work will be performed in a cost effective and service oriented manner and performance of all work duties including attendance at all required staff meetings and training.

    Essential functions of the job:

    • Ensure that all policies are followed;
    • Complete Shift Reports;
    • Enter Data for check-in for both HMIS and In-house methods for tracking clients;
      Complete HMIS data quality control processes, if assigned;
    • Monitor all SOP’s for the shift and delegate responsibilities to assistants as needed to ensure compliance.
    • Delegate appropriate tasks to volunteers to help manage operations effectively;
    • Communicate with the staff from the previous shift during shift change and summarize events to staff responsible for the next shift.

    Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

    Clear understanding of HMIS Policies and Procedures, Flagstaff Shelter Policies and Procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures; General knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) and similar software, as well as data entry; Strong communication skills; Ability to make reasonable decisions; Ability to work with people in crises, including those with mental illnesses, addictions, and criminal backgrounds;  Ability to communicate and comprehend oral and written instructions and to provide services to guests without ethnic or social prejudices. It requires general knowledge of issues and challenges unique to homelessness, substance abuse, minorities, and persons with disabilities.

    Must have the flexibility to work irregular hours and have the willingness to function as a team member. Must be able to function both independently and in a team environment. Tact, discretion, and resourcefulness are required at all times.

    Physical Demands and Work Environment:

    Coordinators must be able to travel around the property, and perform light lifting (25 lbs.)
    Work is performed in a shelter, office and outdoor environment • Frequent bending, reaching, squatting and kneeling required while performing job function • shift may require long periods of standing and walking • Work is subject to frequent interruption • Exposure to cleaning agents and allergens • Subject to work weekends and holidays • Subject to loud/frequent noise

    Specific Duties:

    Day Shift Routine:

    • Review previous Shift Report, Incident/Accident Reports, Banned List, client volunteers, med beds, and any notes
    • Check Clients out of HMIS
    • Setup late passes for evening shift
    • Supervise clients completing chores (cleanup, laundry, sanitize beds and other designated chores)
    • Showers at 9:30 a.m. for non-resident clients. Bathroom Break
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays:  Nurse line (women’s side cleaned before 8:00 am – lock door to other side; Wednesday: Medical Bus
    • 12:00 noon bathroom break
    • Check/organize mail (ANK mail on Mondays)
    • Yard cleanup, restocking supplies for next shift (see shift report)
    • 2:00 p.m. bathroom break
    • Complete all paper work

    Evening shift routine:

    • Review previous Shift Report, Incident/Accident Reports, Banned List, Client volunteers and med beds, and any notes.
    • Ensure Gate is open at 4:30 p.m. Observe clients interacting with each other.
    • Check Clients in at 5:00 p.m. (Gate Locked), staying within occupancy limits.
    • Dinner Served at 6:00 p.m.
    • Chores at 7:00 p.m.
    • Bed Rolls at 7:30 p.m.
    • Storage run at 8:00 p.m.
    • Lights Out at 10 p.m.
    • Stock toilet paper in bathrooms (placing rolls on chains in men’s room)
    • Complete all paperwork for evening

    Overnight Shift:

    • Review previous Shift Report, Incident/Accident Reports, Banned List, Client volunteers and med beds, and any notes.
    • All Clients Searched and Checked-In, including HMIS through the night; add any new clients to HMIS
    • Maintain appropriate capacity
    • Safely inspect outside property throughout night – no one sleeping on property
    • Ensure all fire exits and pathways are clear
    • Check on clients sleeping in back yard((men only – no alcohol – etc) routinely every hour or so)
    • Keep clients quiet
    • Complete any assigned tasks (HMIS, filing, etc)


    • Place TP on chain, if running low (Must put on  chain)
    • Check Late Passes: Make new ones, if necessary
    • Type Volunteers information into table (Volunteer List on Desktop)
    • Wash dishes, clean-up kitchen area, tables,  trash and any clutter as needed
    • Pass out food as necessary – (late clients who are hungry)
    • Wash/clean mop buckets
    • Monitor utensils, plates, etc.  If clients use them (try to prevent them from tossing in garbage)
    • Check food warmer (brown box with trays).  Make sure all trays are empty.  Throw out excess.
    • Turn outside lights off

    Morning Wakeup:

    • Wake clients at 6 a.m.
    • Beds stripped and bedding organized, placed in bin when possible.
    • Everyone out of bed by 6:30 a.m./ all blankets in bins or appropriate location
    • Late passes – fill in computer first, then fill out the pass
    • Showers closed at 7:15 a.m.
    • Clients out of building by 7:30 a.m. (may be exceptions based on weather)_
    • Open Storage for clients between 7:15 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. (Must be Supervised)
    • Complete all paperwork
    • Gates locked by 8:00 a.m.